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hehe it's been ages since i've posted any pics...and i'll cut it too for those who don't want to see my ugly mug anyway ;-) my hair is orange at this time by the way

mmmmm orange
an orange slice
ew weird smile
kissy kissy
creepy sad face
zee end
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you are verly lovely and especially so in orange! no more talk of this ugly mug! lovely mug! MUG MUG MUG. what a great word. erp...yes.

you kinda have a reverse dAvid b0wie haircut! when he was the ziggy stardust in 72-74ish he had hot orange hair that was short and spikey in the front and longer in the sides and back. hotness. but you have the reverse and tis pretty too!

and i will stop my dithering commentary now. best wishes! heek i love your smiles and faces in these photos too...and oh yeah you could post these in the comm, hairy_tales too. *nod*
oo thank you! ill check out that community! :-)