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I am aware of that this community isn't terribly active... but I have just been going through my digital pictures and realised I am a hair-chameleon ;)

They were taken over the course of the last one and a half years only, since I lost all my pictures from before that in a terrible computer accident.

Warning, it's a lot of pictures:

Completely white. It was great. Unfortunately my hair came off.

This was really cool... unfortunately the black streak started bleeding into the white, in pink. I wasn't that thrilled.

This is my passport picture. Don't I look nice and friendly. It was the 4th try after closing my eyes three times in a row, and I was mildly annoyed...

This picture was taken for a friend of mine, who is madly into all kinds of weird j-rock stuff. I am not much into it at all. For that I did quite well though, apparently :P
Oh... and that's a wig ;)

I really liked my hair like that, but I had to take them out because I was unskilled in the up-keep. But I'm going to try again one day.

This picture was taken today.

Order is from 'back then' to 'now'
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Awww youre so pretty! I adore your rat. No. 5 and 15 are my favourites.
Thank you :)
I love the j-rock one, the green one and the one with pink? purple? sides and possibly all the others too.

And yeah. I wish this community was more active. Maybe if we made it a RATING ONE?

Thank you!

Haha! I'd be scared of the people who'd post then though... ;)
The dreads really look great on you. They'd be fantastic in turquoise, too.
Haha, wow... old post. I have changed hair so much already again since then ;P

I loved them... but I was bad at keeping them seperate. My hair halfly naturally tangles, which was nice for making them, but bad for keeping them neat :/
I might give it a second try at some point, maybe with help of someone who has more experience :)
Yeah, I just discovered the chameleon group while I was looking for interesting makeup ideas, and was reading the old posts.
Wish I could help with the dreads, but I have zero experience with them.
You are very beautiful, lovely lips.

I dig the dreds.
Thank you! Hehe.. it's interesting to look at this post after so long, since I've been through so many more hair-changes since then ;)